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  • Traveling Animal Visits
  • Rent-A-Coop & Rehoming Animals
  • Handcrafted Cold Process Soaps
  • Event Favors
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The Goods & Made by Madelyn

Cold Process Soap

Made with all natural and organic ingredients 

Whipped Sugar Scrub: Unicorn Poop & Magical Creature Collection

Unicorn Poop, Leprechaun Poop, Easter Bunny Poop, any magical creature - we found their poop!... 

  • Wilson & Winnie

    Our KuneKune Pigs
  • Daffodil Valley Homestead

    We integrate ingredients from our homestead into our products! We use dried herbs and flowers from our garden, eggs from our chickens and ducks and milk from our goats (when Athena allows).

    We also create vegan products.

  • Girl Behind the Scrubs

    The 8 year old master mind behind most of the recipes.
  • Rainbow Eggs

    Different breeds of chickens lay different color eggs!

  • Pekin Ducks

    Dilly Harper (wearing the cast), JT & Reese

  • Who Let the Goats Out? Probably Margo.

    Our goats, Athena and Justina. Mom & Daughter.